We will arrange delivery to all regions of Russia within 20 working days.

100% prepayment, a catalog of services for an individual order within 5 working days after the request is made.

Delivery is not included in the prices of the goods, delivery is calculated taking into account the region of the request.

According to the CPA, the client has the right to return the ordered goods within 7 (seven) working days from the date of receipt of the goods, provided that the integrity and commercial appearance of the goods are not violated. In this case, transportation costs are paid by the client;

Redial is possible in case of discrepancy between the received goods and the ordered ones and the absence of goods in shipment. In these cases, the missing goods are replaced or re-dispatched, and transport costs are fully paid by the store;

If there are no goods in shipment and the store cannot fulfill the order, that is, there is no stock of the goods, the store can offer alternative goods of the same value.



Представляем Болгарскую Компанию "Компания МАКСИМПЕКС ООД" - MAXIMPEX Co LTD.
Которая расположена в самом центре курортного города Бургас, Болгария.
Активно сотрудничая со многими компаниями за рубежом, мы предоставим вам максимум информации,
о предоставляемых товарах и услугах, по ценам приемлемым к вашему спланированному бюджету.

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