Ideal for nourishing, softening and regenerating damaged tissues, slows down the aging process of cells.

Rose oil has a wonderful effect on the human body, and its properties make it an indispensable elixir in cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy and food industry. Rose oil is the least toxic of all essential oils. It has been used for centuries for healing, harmony, romance and enjoyment. Has a tonic and tightening effect on the capillaries; Cleansing, soothing and antiseptic, suitable for all skin types, promotes cell regeneration. A great scent for meditation, creativity, concentration, satisfaction, happiness, joy and peace.

Used for:

Aromatherapy (add drops to the scent lamp)

Add to cosmetics for face, body and hair Preparing face masks Preparing aroma bath Wound healing

Preparing aroma cocktails (for drinking)


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