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NN operates in 18 countries and has a strong presence in several European countries and Japan. The life insurance company offers a variety of solutions to save money, cover risks and investments, as well as many additional protection options.

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We offer insurance depending on your needs:

- I have goals and I save up for them

- I am looking for protection from unwanted phenomena

- I want to take care of my loved ones

- It is important to think about my health

- I want to live well after retirement

When should I get life insurance and how much coverage should I get?

The existence of life insurance provides us with financial security, but the start date, duration and amount of compensation that the insurance implies depend primarily on our individual characteristics.

It is believed that the best time to take out life insurance coincides with the first turning point in a person's life, when his financial responsibility to third parties increases.

Such events are marriage, obtaining a mortgage, the birth of a child.

Soften the blow

Страхование жизни - это финансовый продукт, который предусматривает выплату пользователям страховой суммы - сразу или в рассрочку, в случае неожиданной смерти застрахованного лица.

As the financial responsibility that falls on our shoulders in connection with the purchase of real estate, the birth of a child or other important event grows, so does the need for life insurance - the need to ensure that we have the peace of mind that we can meet our financial obligations, even if something happened to us. While there are no guarantees of protection against the twists and turns of fate, life insurance is considered a shock absorbing factor.

Determine the amount of insurance coverage There are two approaches to determining individual coverage.

The first of these requires us to multiply our gross annual income by the number of years we seek protection.

Depending on your preference, the period we want to compensate may be until the house is paid for, the children graduate or retire. The second approach requires anticipation of future circumstances.

You can calculate your running costs and then add events that might happen in the future (such as buying a larger home, children's tuition fees, or higher medical costs for old age) to reach the number he wants to guarantee. Sometimes needs decrease and sometimes they increase

It is worth reviewing our individual needs annually to ensure adequate coverage. If the children have moved from home and are already independent, it may be a good idea to reduce your coverage.

If family income is increasing, it is probably time to consider expanding coverage. By regularly updating the list of needs, we reduce the likelihood that we are not well insured or pay too much.

Why plan, why NN?

How do you want to live after retirement?

Start planning your finances today

A plan is a prerequisite for a better life, more opportunities, and the achievement of important things in life.

NN Bulgaria has been on the Bulgarian market for 19 years. It serves over 410,000 * individuals and 400 corporate clients.

Management of over 1.577 billion leva * net assets in NN supplementary pension insurance funds. * According to the Financial Supervision Commission ( as of 31.03.2020.

Health first, then everything else. Therefore, enabling the listed additional security options may be important to you.

During your hospital stay

A hospital stay is never pleasant. Therefore, it is better to take care of at least its financial side in advance. You can add Extra Hospital Coverage to Outlook, Protection, NN PRO, and NN SMART plans. This way, you will be able to count on agreed compensation at the hospital of your choice in Bulgaria or any other country in the European Economic Area *.

For severe illnesses

Serious illness is a test for which we can, at least financially, prepare in advance. You can do this by including Extra Coverage for Serious Illness in the Outlook, Protection, NN PRO, and NN SMART plans. This coverage allows you to prepare and move forward no matter the circumstances. In the event of any of the 16 serious illnesses *, the insurance company pays you a guaranteed amount with which you can compensate for your lack of income, as well as provide quality treatment and medical care.

* Among them: Alzheimer's disease; renal failure (end stage); benign brain tumor; loss of speech; hearing loss; third degree burns; implantation of coronary artery bypass grafting; myocardial infarction; coma; multiple sclerosis; stroke; paralysis; Parkinson's disease; cancer (malignant neoplasms); blindness; transplantation of vital organs.

With surgical treatment

Surgery is often expensive, but you don't need to do it yourself. You just need to think about the potential side effects early and include additional surgical coverage in your insurance plan.

This coverage ensures that you receive a predetermined amount in the contract in the event of an operation. This amount can be paid at a health facility throughout the European Economic Area *.

* Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain.


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